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In your own time or online with others classmates.

At home in your own stable or barn.

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Since 1999 PENZANCE Equine Integrated Solutions has been offering the horse world exceptional equine educational opportunities to thousands of equine students across the globe through online training courses.

World renown PENZANCE has offered private instruction in Horsemanship to the natural care and management of horses PENZANCE since its inception in 1997. Natural Hoofcare, Natural Equine Nutrition, Homeopathy for Horses, Clicker Training the Horse, Equine Massage and more are highlighted in this academy of EQUINE STUDIES.  Many of our graduates have gone on to open and manage their own equine facilities while others have been able to find jobs of their dreams working with horses. Our full course studies feature  6 week or 10 week courses with online class discussions held weekly. Many of the same courses are also offered as a HOME STUDY course where students register, receive all the materials from the online course and correspondence takes place through email. Another option is to take a course PRIVATELY where a pre-decided day and time is set between the instructor and the student and there are no other students in that particular class.  

PENZANCE is obsessive about offering EXCELLENCE in our HORSE COURSES while, at the same time, keeping them  affordable and easily digestible for students of all levels. This means a student may be just getting into the equine world or may have lived most of his or her life with horses. There’s always something new to learn at every level! 

While each course level (100 – 105) builds upon the prior units of study within the topic of study there is information in each module that can be implemented into your horse activities instantly and successfully regardless of the level of the course.

Certificates of Achievement from PENZANCE Equine Integrated Solutions are awarded to those who successfully complete a course of study .

The courses include videos, podcasts, power point presentations, reading materials, online quizzes, exams as well as personal email correspondence and consult with Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate, Founder of PENZANCE Equine Integrated Solutions and the other individual instructors. (See our INSTRUCTORS page for more info on each)

To view a current list of offered courses simply click on the COURSE LISTINGS link.


If you have ANY questions, please email to caballus@charter.net with the subject header of ACADEMY UNIT STUDIES.


“Gotta say Gwen I have learned a lot from your course, though I might not recall everything, stuff is starting to sink in and I really feel every horse owner should take something like this, even if not to trim their own horses hooves, but to know more about their horses.” –Nicole, RI

“You are very gifted and talented and I do feel blessed to have found you! … Your gifts and talents go much deeper than just trimming hooves. I was able to pick Mitch’s hooves by myself the other day with just a leadrope around his neck. I was never able to do that before. I thank God for bringing you to Mitch and helping him. I have been trying for so long to end his pain and to see him now is incredible.” — Kendal, MA

“Gwen’s PPT101 class was the best money I ever spent learning about how to train my horse. And, the class was remote, over the internet. I’ve been to clinics with my horse and have audited some others, but the information that I came away from PPT101 with has served as the most solid foundation, on which every other training method rests. She is creative and thinks outside of the box in her approach to horse training and is able to communicate those practical ideas.” –Sharon, VT

“My life and the health and vitality of all my animals has been forever transformed for the better. Thanks Gwen for all you give to all of us. You are a gifted healer and teacher.” Joan, Student of Homeopathy 101

“The support I was given by you made the real difference and allowed me to look at the horse differently so I could find a New World that I never knew before. So I Thank You.”
–Leslie Pavlich, Author of “Clicker Training: Colt Starting the Natural Horse”

“Gwenyth has such warmth towards the horse whilst maintaining safety of horse and handler. Having her input from years of experience with a variety of horses is invaluable as her understanding and communication skills, (with both horses and people) are such a priviledge to be able to share. I love Gwenyths perspective and explanations.” –Paula, UK
“After having you resolve Little Johns trimming problem when NO ONE ELSE could help me, I have confidence in you. So, although I could get free advice somewhere else, it might not be good advice. Most trainers are fairly violent compared to you. You’re smart enough to train without resorting to whips, spurs or trying to bully the horse which doesn’t work very well anyway. I tried the first thing on your anti-biting list and already it seems to be working!” –Donald, ME

“Gwen is a wonderful teacher. She understands horses and has a special connection with them, and teaches you to understand and connect too. I have learned so much from her, not only about “training” (which is really “teaching”, there is a difference!), but about horse psychology and behavior, and also getting insights into my personality and psychology. After all, we don’t just ride our horses, we need to connect with them in order to become partners with them, and that means understanding yourself as well as them. I would highly recommend Gwen to help you connect, bond and partner with your horse(s)! –Andrea, MA

“I was Lucky enough to find Gwenyth and her farm when I was seeking out education on hoof care and trimming. I enjoyed the workshop , her farm, feel I learned a great deal about the equine hoof. I would recommend taken any of the courses Gwen offers. you can’t go wrong! –Erin , MA

“Thank you Gwen, for your inspiring articles and ideas. Together with Mark Rashid, you are one of the greatest horsepersons of recent times.”

“I was willing to think outside the box only after traditional methods had failed him. Now I wish I had of tried it sooner, I could have shortened the time he was in pain but I didn’t know any better. Hindsight truly is 20/20.”

” … I actually find myself getting quite emotional over this pony since she has turned into the most amazing treasure. She also meets my daughter at the gate (all 60 lbs of her), leads loose line at any speed Rachel chooses, stands wonderfully for grooming and tacking, even dropping her head into the bridle and is very willing under saddle with no balking, bolting, bucking, or even a crop needed. Once we figured out where her issues were, she has responded with every part of her being. (And she was auction bound when we bought her.) Thanks for helping with her!”

“I would entrust the care and well-being of any horse, sound or lame, healthy or sick, troubled or at peace, to Gwen Santagate. I give her my highest recommendation because she is one of the most honest, wisest, and most circumspect people I have ever met. She goes the extra mile (or ten) for the horse’s sake and makes every animal total well-being her top priority. My horse recommends her, too -four hooves up! – because, thanks to her, and her alone, he is alive and well.” –Vanessa, NH

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